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Master Cent Phone Card

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Master Cent Calling Card A Universal Solution for Everyone

Its time to forget about spending large sums on local and long distance calls! Calling cards are new efficient replacement of traditional landline phones and unreasonably high rates by phone companies. With prepaid phone cards anyone can save and finally get rid of heart-breaking phone bills.

Master Cent calling card is very popular due to its universality, advantageous rates and simple use. It ideally fits both domestic and international calls. Master Cent card has Unlimited Validity Period with small Maintenance Fee, PIN Free Access and simple refill. Due to Permanent PIN option you can assign your phone number (up to 6 phones in total) to your account and stop wasting time inputting your PIN each time you make a call. People living in the US can enjoy Local Toll Free Access Numbers and if you make a call from your cell phone, you can get even better discount.

With Master Cent phone card your friends, colleagues and family members, who live far away, become closer. High telephone rates are not the reason to cut down your relations, stop business or forget about friends. Choose Master Cent and keep in touch with those who are special or you.

This Card can be used from USA - Continental, USA - Mobile
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